Reading references in one place.
Read, highlight and comment on articles.

Reading references in one place

Share your collection.
1-click share of your research and analysis.

Reading references in one place

Q1 2023

Learn more from writing process.
Review your train of thoughts in any period of time.

Muse Writer


More Node Types
More node types
From Images to Websites, PDFs, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Video Notes and more
Save from others
Share and import reading/ writing materials from each other
Get notified
Know when a collection is being updated by who you follow


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Muse?
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Muse is a knowledge base for thinking process.
We timestamp your reading/ writing process and make it shareable to others 

Learn more about Muse here.
Where can I see the product updates?
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We send product updates via email, with minor updates and progress on Twitter and YouTube.
Is it free to use?
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Yes. Muse will always have a free version available.
If you wish to support our development, you can set up a monthly donation here ($USD).