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Knowledge base for thinking process
December 2, 2022
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We have always been curious.

We learn from perspectives, however crafted or raw.

Muse is a knowledge base for thinking process. We timestamp your reading/ writing process and make it shareable to others.

Process is everything. We might arrive at the same conclusion but how you get there is key.

Why is your approach different? What is the reason behind this/ that? Most important of all is “when”, so we capture every activity in an immutable timeline for you to review/ share.

Our goal is to make learning simple and effective:

  • Learn faster by studying other’s thinking process
  • Collaborative research on a common topic
  • Lower output threshold, curation > creation

Curation first means we are following the natural cycle of Read-Process-Write. Your perspective can be shared as little as showing what you are reading.

Show-don’t-tell. The best way to understand someone is to look at what they are reading/ writing with full context attached. Context is time in Muse.

Muse is not your second brain, it’s an alias of your first.

- @saigaai3